A mood lamp that relaxes your eyes with a wide, soft light.

NUMA LAMP makes your eyes comfortable with a wide, soft light.

We made the light diffuse widely using LED diffuse lenses to create a warm atmosphere. It makes your body and mind comfortable with calm lighting without irritation.

Use NUMA LAMP to warm the space in a soft mood.

Safe with a round design

NUMA LAMP removes sharp spots and uses a sleek, simplified design to prevent scratches and injuries to children.

Instead of incandescent bulbs that change temperature depending on the time of use, LG LED that do not worry about heating are inserted to prevent burns even if they touch the child's skin.

Indicator Lamp Color

The indicator lamp color is located on the upper side of the power button on the back to check charge/timer/brightness.

GREEN : Battery remaining volume

BLUE : Timer

RED : Brightness

You can increase the timer in 10-minute increments (minimum 10-120 minutes) by pressing the power button briefly while the lamp is on.

Touch Button

Brightness changes by touching the N•U•M•A part in front of the product The touch reacts the moment it touches and comes off. There are a total of five levels of brightness, and the light turns off when you touch it for a long time.

Press the power button behind the product to turn on the power and briefly press the N•U•M•A part on the front of the product to change the brightness. The touch reacts as soon as it touches and falls. There are a total of 5 brightnesses, but if you press it for a long time, the light will turn off. Press and hold to extinguish the light, then press and hold briefly again to turn the light on in the first step.

Charging with USB cable

You can charge the product using the included USB cable. It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete charging. It can be used for 2 to 2.5 hours if the charge is completed and the brightest is used. It is available for approximately 48 hours when charging is completed and at its darkest brightness.

Can be mounted on a wall

If you want to hang the product on the wall, take out the built-in silicon. It's hidden on top of the product, and you can take it out with your nails.